About Plastiks

The idea and the people behind Plastiks


Our mission is to connect people and businesses all around the world to fight plastic pollution by supporting plastic recovery activities through technology and NFTs.

By providing plastic recovery with full transparency, we aim to increase the traceability and accountability within the value chain of plastics and challenge the market of plastic credits.


Our vision is to create a world free from plastic waste and become the world reference of plastic credits by guaranteeing and certifying the recovery and recycling of plastic waste across the globe.

What we do?

Plastiks is a Greentech company that improves plastic recovery and recycling rates by connecting companies with recovery projects worldwide.

Our platform gives companies the opportunity to take immediate and verifiable actions against plastic pollution by sponsoring the recovery of plastic waste around the globe. All plastic recovered is tracked through blockchain technology and is ensured to never end up in a landfill.

The real-time dashboard allows for anyone to see the impact of each company and recovery project connected to Plastiks and makes it easy for companies to share their sponsorship and support on a transparent, verifiable, and open system.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that you will be accomplishing.

Value proposition

  • For companies that struggle to communicate their sustainable agenda and ESG goals.​

  • For individuals, that are aware of the ecological challenges and want to take action.​

  • For recovery projects, that need funding to grow their impact.

Our team

André Vanyi-Robin

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

Daniel García

Co-founder, Chief Technical Officer

Trym Lyngset

Co-founder, Product Owner

Eric Maidenberg

Managing Director Plastiks USA

Ana Aguilar

Marketing & Comms Lead

Pedro Ramos

Chief Financial Officer

Ramón Giné

Business Development

Agustin Borthwick

Customer Success Manager

Lisa Heffernan

Social Media Manager

Mahmoud Hagrass

Business Development

Pietro Saveri


Donato Espinosa

UX/UI Designer

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