Bringing a new Utility to NFTs: Plastiks Powered by Nozama

Bringing a new Utility to NFTs: Plastiks Powered by Nozama

The Plastiks platform, powered by Nozama, will be a blockchain-based Marketplace exclusively run by the Plastik token with the objective to track single-use packaging (SUP) so that SUP producers can ensure their customers that their SUP production will not end up in the environment. This in turn will increase traceability in the recycling industry, and allow companies to achieve their goals in displaying their commitment to the environment to consumers.

Based on Nozama’s three years of experience in sustainability, the conclusions are clear: Companies want to adapt their business operations to help fight climate change and reduce waste. However, they are committed to their core existence of generating capital and preserving capital.

Consumers want to make the world a better place than it is now for future generations. Younger generations are upset with the earth they are inheriting due to pollution and increasingly exacerbating environmental problems. This in large part plays a role in consumers wanting corporations to be held more accountable for the waste they produce. Consumers try to contribute by making choices in their everyday lives — choices to buy products and use services from responsible companies. However, these choices are challenged when the price of said services increases to accommodate the costs of becoming sustainable.

Recycling companies have developed an ecosystem connected to municipal governments, state governments, and national governments that allow recovery systems to be implemented and operated with mandates by public tenders financed by tax-paying citizens. There are vast infrastructures allowing waste management to be conducted without interfering in the daily life of citizens. All stakeholders, companies, recycling companies, and consumers face the same challenge: Save the planet.

However, they also share the same objectives to generate revenue and preserve capital. The objectives are related but lack a tangible, traceable, and measurable connection between them. As consumers and companies are the drivers of sustainability, tracking and monetizing single-use packaging, recovery and recycling can enable consumers and companies the opportunity to engage with more accountability.

The Plastiks Marketplace is where single-use packaging (SUP) producers and recyclers can create the connection between plastic production, commercialization, and the recycling process to guarantee that the production of plastic will not end up improperly discarded. The basic utility of the plastic token will consist of allowing recyclers to mint, list, and sell NFTs called Single Use Packaging Guarantees (SUPs). Plastik token balance will be required to access these functionalities, and buyers of NFTs will not require Plastik but will have the option to buy NFTs with Plastik.

The Plastiks team is eager to trail-blaze in and revolutionize two multi-billion dollar industries.

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