How Plastic Recovery Initiatives Contribute to Global Environmental Goals

Plastic, an innovative wonder, has revolutionized countless industries, yet its environmental repercussions are undeniable. Global initiatives to address plastic waste are on the rise, and the accessibility and convenience of projects like those empowered by Plastiks are leading the way. In this blog post, we delve into how these innovative plastic recovery efforts align seamlessly […]

The motivations and obstacles of engaging in sustainable actions

Plastic and carbon credits are a way for businesses to offset their carbon emissions or plastic production and go “neutral” or “negative”. While these instruments have good intent, many companies are struggling to measure provable effects. Sebastian Stockzelius, Head of Operations at Plastiks, explains the situation.    Interest, expertise, and the will to create a […]

Recap of the World Economic Forum Congress 2023

Every year, the World Economic Forum comes together with leaders from government, businesses and civil society to address the most pressing problems that the world faces, and to talk about how to implement strategies to overcome them. Plastiks was invited to speak on a panel moderated by ImpactScope, which helps social enterprises to harness the […]