Plastic credits are flawed –Here’s how Plastiks is challenging the market 

The concept of plastic credits is flawed, and many consumers and companies buying plastic credits are not aware of the actual standard and how it is being used. Therefore, Plastiks is challenging the status quo of plastic credits to create a movement towards a more transparent and sustainable management of plastics worldwide. By mitigating plastic […]

How to combat plastic pollution with Plastic Recovery Guarantees

Plastic pollution is a continuous threat to the environment, and there are no signs of it slowing down any time soon. Plastic production causes greenhouse gas emissions which accumulate over time and contribute heavily to global warming. In addition, plastic waste in and of itself ruins the environment and most prominently, hurts marine life. To […]

Learn How Plastiks Works in 6 Steps

clear guidelines and prices. Annually, it is estimated that 353 million tons of plastic are generated to fuel our economy of which two-thirds will have a life span of less than five years before becoming discarded plastic waste. This is an alarming figure that seems to beg us to ask – where does all this plastic waste end […]