NFT Sales, an International Summit, New Partnerships and More

NFT Sales, an International Summit, New Partnerships and More

How have the first two months of the year gone so quickly? With the launch of our marketplace at the beginning of February, we have had a lot to do this past month. We are very pleased with how it’s going so far. Hopefully, you have had the possibility to check out the marketplace already. I am sure that you are all following the action on Twitter but if there’s anything you’ve missed, please keep reading.

We are excited to announce that businesses are already using the Plastiks Marketplace to compensate their plastic usage. The first NFT to be sold is called The Forest, made by artist Steinar Kvam and backed by recycled material from Plásticos Güell SL. It was sold to Grup Soteras, a Spanish Hotel Group. Benet Pena Guilera, the Director of B&F at Grup Soteras, had the following to say about the transaction: “the purchase of the Plastiks NFT demonstrates the company’s willpower and aim to be environmentally sustainable”. For us, this represents a momentous occasion — finally, we can see several months of hard work come to fruition. This is, however, just the beginning!

                                               The first NFT to sell on the marketplace.

Thanks to the dedication and commitment of our Product Development Team, the marketplace is going through BIG changes:

  • We are currently working on adding the possibility for users to stake via our platform.
  • We have plans to bridge to an enormous and very well know carbon-neutral network — more details on this will be released in the very near future.
  • The updated version of the marketplace will have an in-built widget to swap any cryptocurrency to PLASTIK.
  • The Development Team is currently building Sustainability Profiles which allow you to add your plastic footprint to your bio.
  • They are developing a function that would allow recyclers to on-board themselves.
  • From the 11th of March, artists will be able to sign themselves up to the marketplace.
  • Soon, you will be able to connect recovery guarantees to the art of your choosing and, in fact, the artist will be able to set exactly how much recovered material must be attached to their artwork in order to purchase it.

We recently signed a partnership with The Green Sports Alliance who is one of the biggest organisations for “green sports” in the USA. They work with sports organisations like the NBA, MLB, NHL, and some of the biggest sports teams in the United States. They are committed to meaningful change towards a more sustainable future within sports. Via them, we will be able to engage with world-renowned sports leagues and organisations to promote our platform to sports audiences. Teams and organisations will now have the possibility to mint Sports Moments NFTs grounded in recovered plastics!

An agreement has also been signed by ecoins and Plastiks. Ecoins is a recycling company based in Costa Rica with a large ecosystem of recyclers across the region. Using ecoins, you can earn ecoins tokens by recycling with a verified recycler. Thanks to this partnership, we have been able to have a webinar with 50 of their top recyclers in Latin America. At this meeting, recyclers from Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, Peru, Guatemala and El Salvador showed enormous interest in Plastiks which demonstrates our potential to spread in a part of the world where less than 5% of material is recycled. You can read more about this partnership here.

Furthermore, we can confirm than both Plastiks and Nozama will be attending the AIBC Asia Summit in Dubai on 20th-22nd March. There, they will participate on two different panels: Daniel García, co-founder of Nozama, will be talking on a panel about Employing blockchain technology to combat climate change while Fernanda Accorsi, our Marketing and Communications Director, will be talking about Whether the blockchain can help build a more eco-friendly society. We will also be exhibiting in the Summit’s Start-Up Village. We look for to seeing those of you fortunate enough to attend and those not so can watch online afterwards.

Fingers crossed that March is similarly smooth sailing. Keep watching this space for more monthly updates, and other articles and as always give us a follow on Twitter to stay updated.